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Direct TV has all kinds of channels on cooking and food, but you cannot taste any of it vicariously through a show – you need to experience it for yourself and it couldn’t be truer than when it comes to Thai cuisine. At points darkly exotic and others strikingly familiar, Thai cuisine has its own distinct identity and personality that takes a little getting used to.

American cuisine can be quite varied but it is often typified has being a mix between salty and sweet. You have your fast food cooked in grease and fats and then you have your sodas. Of course, that isn’t all that American cuisine boils down to, but it is what it has become known for.

Thai cuisine has a similar dichotomy in terms of its profile and it doesn’t matter if you eat it in any of the many C-Town locations we’ve discussed or in Thailand, people agree that it’s sharply divided between salty and overwhelmingly sweet with a bit of bitterness thrown somewhere between.

Thai, however, is a little more accessible than many of the other Asian cultures and cuisines you hear about. In the end, however, Thai cuisine is a journey of the senses – taste, in particular. It’s a journey you have to do yourself.

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Chicago is a city known for its dramatic lakeshore skyline, over the top entertainment, and its eclectic cultural appeal. Part of that cultural appeal is the great restaurants produced from the variety of ethnic influences in the city. While old favorites like Italian, Chinese, Greek, and Polish restaurants still excite the Chicagoan palate, new flavors like those from Thai inspired restaurants are becoming noticeably popular too. Here are a few of the windy city’s best Thai restaurants to experience near Lincoln Square.

Opart Read the rest of this entry »

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An unassuming gem in the Lincoln Square neighborhood, Siam Country has just about everything a lover of authentic Thai food could offer. Cozy and cheerful decor with deep red and gold walls, white table cloths, and real plants on the tables makes this restaurant a feast for the eyes as well as the palate. The extensive menu features common favorites, such as noodle dishes, tom yum soup, spring rolls, curries and spicy salads. They also offer some exotic Thai desserts not found at every Read the rest of this entry »

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Chicago residents and visitors who want Thai and Pan-Asian cuisine will find it at Lincoln Square’s Snow Spice. People who enjoy Thai curry will find plenty of that on the menu here. Customers can order a slice of roast duck in red curry with pineapples, tomatoes and bell peppers. Those who want mild curry can order yellow curry with green peas and potatoes. Fish balls in green curry and meat with Massaman curry are available.

People who like fried rice can order it with chicken, beef, shrimp or vegetables.Want more? Click here. Customers who prefer noodles can order pad thai, chow mein, curry noodles or rice noodle soup.

Seafood lovers can choose catfish with curry sauce, sole with ginger or curry with crabs. Chicken dishes on the menu include ginger chicken, lime chicken and cashew chicken. Thai pepper steak and Mongolian beef are two of the restaurant’s beef dishes.

Side orders available include jasmine rice, sticky rice and brown rice. Thirsty customers can have soda, Thai coffee, Thai tea or fruit smoothies.

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Thai Oscar is not only one of the best Thai restaurants in Chicago, but also in the entire state of Illinois. In addition to boasting a warm, quiet environment, this popular Thai restaurant also features some of the tastiest Thai food around. From curries to pan fried noodles, Thai Oscar offers a variety of different Thai foods to discover!

Popular curries offered at Thai Oscar include Musman Curry, Panang Curry, and Soft Shell Crab Curry. Top rice dishes offered include Pad Prik Over Read the rest of this entry »

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Few Thai restaurants in Chicago can compare to Spoon Thai Restaurant. Besides featuring delicious Thai-inspired food, Spoon Thai Restaurant also boasts a great location. Spoon Thai Restaurant is located on 4608 N Western Avenue.

Popular foods offered at this top Chicago Thai restaurant include banana blossom salad, Tom Kha soup, crab Rangoon, Butter Fly fish, yellow curry, fried tofu, Pad Thai, red curry, veggie egg rolls, fried rice, and spicy basil leaves. Popular desserts include coconut ice cream and Thai custard.

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Rosded Restaurant in Lincoln Square

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Thanks to astrophysicists we’ve discovered that the surface of the Sun reaches temperatures upwards of five thousand Celsius! This may seem hot but it is nowhere near the spicy, interstellar taste explosion that is Rosded Restaurant in Lincoln Square!

Located on West Leland Ave off of North Lincoln, Rosded serves up traditional Thai cuisine at prices that are not of this world! Try a succulent appetizer of Chicken Satay in their house-made peanut sauce or some vegetarian Spring Rolls Read the rest of this entry »

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The cuisine of Thailand boasts a variety of dishes with very unique flavors and spices. From seasoned noodles to sauteed meats, Thai cuisine is surely worth a taste for those who enjoy Asian cuisine. Many Thai restaurants have opened up across the world, and especially in Chicago.

In Lincoln Square’s Opart Thai House restaurant, one can enjoy some delicious Thai food. A restaurant that has been serving Chicago for several years, the establishment welcomes guests to try their notable Tiger Cry appetizer. The Tiger Read the rest of this entry »

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If you want to find authentic Thai food in Chicago, unfortunately you have to do a little bit of digging. There is so much Thai food in America that has been watered down.

Here is how to find authentic Thai food in Chicago amongst the Americanized Thai food restaurants:

Look for people who came from Thailand at a later age: Those who left Thailand at an early age probably will not remember what real Thai food tastes like.

Issan is not considered Read the rest of this entry »

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